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B7 Honeydew Soy Milk (500ml) x6 bottles

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Honeydew Soy Milk - 500ml

Experience the refreshing blend of our Honeydew Soy Milk, where the sweetness of fresh honeydew meets the wholesome goodness of special Canadian soybeans. Sourced directly from the farm, our honeydew is carefully cooked with soy milk to create a delightful and nutrient-rich beverage.

Key Features:

  • Quality Soybeans: We use special Canadian soybeans known for their great taste and health benefits.
  • Fresh Honeydew: We source our honeydew directly from the farm, ensuring a burst of natural sweetness in every sip
  • Freshly Made: From grinding to cooking, we make each batch fresh, just for you.
  • Nutrient Boost: Honeydew brings a dose of key nutrients, including Vitamin C, enhancing the nutritional profile of your soy milk
  • More Protein: Our soy milk has more protein than regular cow's milk, offering a healthy alternative.
  • Essential Amino Acids: Packed with nine important amino acids for your overall health.

Delight in the harmonious fusion of farm-fresh honeydew and special Canadian soybeans with our Honeydew Soy Milk — a tasty and nutritious treat for your well-being